Robert Schramm


Cofounder & Director of ABA Services

Robert’s commitment to special education was ignited by his close relationship with an uncle born with Down Syndrome. Today, with over 25 years under his belt, Robert stands as a beacon in the international dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), particularly in Europe where he has been instrumental in shaping its landscape.

Beginning his journey in the public school systems of California, including a pioneering role as one of the state’s inaugural “Inclusion Specialists”, Robert has since expanded his influence far beyond the U.S. shores. With a master’s degree in special education from California State University and Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst, he has traversed the globe to gain and share expertise, attending workshops with leading figures like Dr. James Partington and Dr. Mark Sundberg.

But it’s in Germany where Robert, alongside his wife and co-founder Nadine, has made indelible marks. At Knospe-ABA, they’ve established the nation’s premier ABA service, transforming the lives of countless families. Beyond hands-on interventions, Robert’s written works, including Motivation and Reinforcement and The 7 Steps to Earning Instructional Control, provide invaluable guidance for professionals in the ABA/VB domain.

Adding to his credentials, Robert has held a professorship at Oldenburg University, co-authored a chapter in the pivotal university textbook “Autismus”, and been an advisor for Chicago’s Bancroft special education school. His voice, knowledge, and experience continue to echo in conference halls worldwide, making him a sought-after international speaker.

In Knospe-Lerncenter and Knospe-ABA, Robert not only brings his rich expertise but an undying passion, ensuring the best methodologies for children and equipping the staff with state-of-the-art training.


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