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Adeeba Mehjabeen

Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologist

Adeeba brings comprehensive experience in evaluating, planning, and implementing therapy for individuals facing a variety of speech and language challenges…

Alexandra Trznadel

ABA Consultant

Alexandra is a dedicated and compassionate BCBA with a strong academic background and a deep commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with autism….

Headshot of Anne Langer

Anne Langer

Clinical Director

Anne’s deep-seated fascination with autism and its transformative therapies culminated during her studies, where the empirical strength of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) left a lasting imprint on her…

Claudia Goswitz

Head of Pediatric Speech Services

Claudia stands out as a multifaceted expert in the fields of speech, language, feeding, behavior analysis, and business administration…

Constance Ky

ABA Consultant

Constance is a clinician with a deep commitment to fostering growth through education. Her professional path, illuminated by a passion for empowering those with disabilities, began with…

Headshot of David Cole

David Cole

Head of Lerncenter Dev. & Int’l Growth

David’s journey through the therapeutic landscape has spanned the US and Europe, in roles ranging from therapist to director, introducing him to people across the lifespan with diverse psychiatric challenges…

Dayra Diaz Gonzalez

Clinical Director & Outreach Coordinator

Dayra isn’t just an expert in the ABA domain; she’s also a dedicated military spouse with an intimate understanding of the challenges and nuances military families face…

Dr. Diane Fraser

ABA Consultant

As France’s first BCBA, Dr. Fraser has been a pioneering figure in the field, contributing significantly to the development and implementation of ABA methodologies internationally…

Dr. Karen C. Dwire

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Dwire has a rich background encompassing geriatric rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, and working with military communities…

Dr. Laura Coffey

Occupational Therapist

Laura is a graduate from Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, equipped with a profound understanding of human development from her B.S. at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University…

Eric Shafarman

Clinical Director

Eric is a passionate clinician with a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from teaching in South Korea to pioneering ABA initiatives in Dubai…

Erika Tóth

ABA Consultant

Erika’s career in Applied Behavior Analysis is a testament to her global perspective, with experiences spanning from her native Hungary to the US and from Kuwait to the UK….

Heavenleah Hiriams

ABA Consultant
Heavenleah is deeply committed to advocating for a better understanding of children with special needs. She emphasizes that these children are not intentionally “misbehaving”…

Jennifer Scott-Santiago

ABA Consultant

Since 2011, Jennifer has been the driving force behind The Pieces Fit Interventions in Orlando, FL, alongside her husband and fellow co-founder….

Justyna Przeperska

ABA Consultant

Justyna is a social worker and special educator. She discovered her passion for working with people with autism while volunteering at a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Krakow, Poland….

Kate Ness

ABA Consultant

Hailing from Ontario, Kate is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology with deep area expertise in applied behavior analysis and developmental disabilities…

Maeve Booth

Occupational Therapist

Born and raised in Ireland, Maeve brings with her expansive occupational therapy experiences, enriched by her personal commitments and global perspective…

Nadine Schramm

Cofounder & CEO

Nadine revolutionized the Autism care landscape in Germany, founding the country’s first-ever ABA company…

Robert Schramm

Cofounder & Exec. Clinical Director

Robert’s commitment to special education was ignited by his close relationship with an uncle born with Down Syndrome. Today, with over 25 years under his belt, Robert stands as a beacon…

Rolf Oetken


As the Chief Financial Officer of Knospe-Lerncenter, Rolf’s financial acumen ensures the organization’s fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth…

Samantha Case

ABA Consultant
Samantha’s journey in the educational sphere began on the vibrant Californian coast, where she championed the needs of diverse learners as a preschool teacher and behavior intervention specialist…

Sarah Carstens

ABA Consultant

With over 10 years of dedicated service in the field of ABA, Sarah stands out as a clinician deeply committed to delivering high-quality, trauma-informed, and collaborative ABA services…

Headshot of Whitney Hammel

Whitney Hammel Anny

Clinical Director

As the cofounder of Autism Compassion Africa, an NGO in Ghana and 501c3 nonprofit in the US, Whitney has been instrumental to building local capacity…

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