Am kleinen Rotenberg 14, 54516 Wittlich

Knospe-Lerncenter Trier uniquely expands therapeutic options for residents of the greater Trier area, including Spangdahlem Air Base.

Our bright and modern Lerncenter boasts rooms sized for both individual and group therapy, including occupational therapy facilities, a kitchen, and multiple restroom for building adaptive skills.

For TRICARE beneficiaries, this location serves as the only in-network facility for ABA therapy in the Spangdahlem catchment area. Here, we offer also OT and SLP under one roof.

For German residents, this location serves as the only ABA facility serving the Bernkastel-Wittlich and surrounding administrative districts.

Getting Here: From Spangdahlem, we are a 15-minute drive. Add 20 minutes from Trier. Alternatively, we are a 6-min walk from the Bus 212 stop at Neuer Friedhof, Wittlich. When arriving, note that we are on the back side of Building 14, where you will free and ample on-site parking.

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