Elizabeth Kuegeler Wolters

Director of Speech Services

Beth is an ASHA-certified and California-licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, who is also recognized in Germany as a staatlich anerkannte Logopädin

Jasmina Traunmüller

ABA Therapist

Jasmina Traunmüller is pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Human Factors at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz…

Esther Lubaki

ABA Therapist

Esther is a Master’s degree student in Psychology in Mainz…

Sina Potthoff

ABA Therapist

Sina is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology at Johannes Gutenberg University with a focus on childhood and adolescence…

Samantha Ginsburg

Speech-Language Pathologist

Samantha’s clinical proficiency stretches from intensive care and acute rehabilitation to private practice focusing on both pediatric and geriatric care…

Daphne Le

Speech-Language Pathologist

Daphne brings to Knospe-Lerncenter extensive clinical experience acquired across a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, telepractice, private clinics, and homes…

Jennifer Scott-Santiago

Behavior Analyst

Since 2011, Jennifer has been the driving force behind The Pieces Fit Interventions in Orlando, FL, alongside her husband and fellow co-founder….

Kate Ness

Behavior Analyst

Hailing from Ontario, Kate is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology with deep area expertise in applied behavior analysis and developmental disabilities…

Dr. Laura Coffey

Occupational Therapist

Laura is a graduate from Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, equipped with a profound understanding of human development from her B.S. at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University…

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