Maeve Booth

Occupational Therapist

Born and raised in Ireland, Maeve brings with her expansive occupational therapy experiences, enriched by her personal commitments and global perspective…

Whitney Hammel Anny

Headshot of Whitney Hammel

Clinical Director

As the cofounder of Autism Compassion Africa, an NGO in Ghana and 501c3 nonprofit in the US, Whitney has been instrumental to building local capacity…

Robert Schramm

Cofounder & Director of ABA Services

Robert’s commitment to special education was ignited by his close relationship with an uncle born with Down Syndrome. Today, with over 25 years under his belt, Robert stands as a beacon…

David Cole

Headshot of David Cole

Cofounder; Head of Lerncenter Dev. & Int’l Growth

In the therapeutic domain, David’s journey has spanned the US and Europe, in roles ranging from therapist to director, introducing him to people across the lifespan with diverse psychiatric challenges…

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