Rylee Tuggle

 M.Ed., BCBA


Rylee is a multitalented clinician, with roles including Clinical Director, Fulbright scholar, and children’s book author. 

Rylee specializes in working with medically fragile clients and those with trauma histories, focusing on teaching essential life skills, developing effective communication, and empowering caregivers. Her extensive professional journey includes roles such as BCBA Supervisor at Instructional ABA Consultants  in Colorado and ICAN-B in California, where she developed training plans, managed caseloads, and implemented behavioral change strategies.

Her advocacy for individuals with disabilities extends beyond clinical practice. She has authored books aimed at fostering understanding and support for children facing challenges, including “Helping Paws: A Day in the Life of a Service Dog” and “My Hidden Difference Makes Me Special.”

Rylee’s dedication to education is highlighted by her Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Brazil, where she developed and led English courses and community workshops. She has also presented on topics such as coping with children’s trauma and behavioral skills training at professional conferences.

Outside of her professional roles, Rylee enjoys outdoor adventures, spending time with her huskies, and traveling with her husband.

Professional Activity


Bishop, B., & Tuggle, R. (2024). Medical Trauma Events as Setting Events: Concrete Strategies and Ethical Implications. Workshop presented at the Conference of Women in Behavior Analysis, Atlanta, GA.


Tuggle, R. (2022). Engaging caregivers: Coping with children’s trauma. Paper presented at Children’s Advocacy Centers of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI.

Tuggle, R. (2022). Principles of ABA work: Behavioral skills training model. Paper presented at Children’s Advocacy Centers of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI.


Tuggle, R., DeKalita-Mull, E., and Wigren, M. L. (2022). The trusted trio. Books by Rylee.

Tuggle, R. (2021). Helping paws: A day in the life of a service dog. Books by Rylee.

Tuggle, R. (2021). My hidden difference makes me special. Books by Rylee. 

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