Anne Langer Speaks to Neurovison Magazine

Wiesbaden, Germany – January 2, 2024 – Our Wiesbaden director, Anne Langer, recently shared insights about our evidence-based therapeutic approaches with the German magazine, Neurovision.

The article highlights the transformative impact of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) on children with autism spectrum disorders, exemplified through the success story of one of her young beneficiaries, Laura.

Anne Langer, M.Sc. Psych., BCBA, Clinical Director at Knospe-Lerncenter in Wiesbaden, shared her insights and experiences in an in-depth interview with Neurovision. The article delves into the personalized ABA strategies employed at Knospe-Lerncenter, focusing on the importance of understanding and meeting the unique needs of each child.

“We aim to empower parents by coaching them to create a supportive and conducive learning environment for their children,” says Ms. Langer. “Our individualized plans and consistent support have proven to be highly effective in enhancing the quality of life for both the children and their families.”

The article illustrates Laura’s journey, showcasing how consistent and tailored ABA therapy has helped her achieve significant developmental milestones, resulting in a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Neurovision’s coverage underscores the growing recognition of ABA’s efficacy and Knospe-Lerncenter’s commitment to delivering top-notch therapeutic services. We are honored to be acknowledged for our dedication to improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

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