Nadine Schramm

Cofounder & CEO (Geschäftsführerin)

Nadine revolutionized the Autism care landscape in Germany, founding the country’s first-ever ABA company. But her journey didn’t start in the boardroom; it began with a heartfelt desire to transform the lives of children with autism. During the late 90s, her first role supporting a young boy with autism opened her eyes to ABA. The profound impact she witnessed led her on an unwavering path of advocacy and education, guided by the expertise from some of the world’s leading ABA organizations and specialists.

Her training credentials are vast and diverse, having gained insights from institutions such as Dr. Lovaas’ LIFE institute, as well as renowned professionals like Dr. James Partington and Mary Barbera, PhD, RN, BCBA-D. Across Europe, Nadine has not only enriched her expertise but has also played a pivotal role in broadening the horizons of ABA/VB methodologies through various conventions, congresses, and workshops.

For 20 years, Nadine has been a beacon of guidance, serving as an ABA/VB Consultant across Europe. Today, she takes the helm at the office for both Knospe-ABA and Knospe-Lerncenter, leading a robust team of consultants with the same dedication she began her journey with. Outside the professional realm, Nadine finds joy and inspiration from her family – a loving husband, co-founder Robert Schramm, and their two wonderful daughters.

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