Jennifer Scott-Santiago



Since 2011, Jennifer has been the driving force behind The Pieces Fit Interventions in Orlando, FL, alongside her husband and fellow co-founder, Carlos Santiago. Their clinics, situated in Orlando and Winter Garden, were born out of her desire to fill the gaps in services for children with ASD that she observed in the school system. The Pieces Fit Interventions aims to improve the lives of the families it serves by maximizing each child’s ability to communicate and perform daily functions.

Jennifer’s journey in ABA began as a camp counselor for disabled children, a role that ignited her passion for working with the ASD population. Her commitment to making a tangible difference in their lives led her to specialize in Special Education. Her hands-on experience in the public school system, combined with her role as a special education teacher, gave her a deep understanding of the unique challenges and potential of children with ASD.

Jennifer’s approach to ABA is characterized by a deep understanding of the individual needs of each client, ensuring that every child receives the structured environment necessary for their growth and learning. We are excited for her extend to extend her influence and apply her approach to Knospe-Lerncenter Wiesbaden.

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