Heavenleah Hiriams

 M.Ed., BCBA


Heavenleah is deeply committed to advocating for a better understanding of children with special needs. She emphasizes that these children are not intentionally “misbehaving” or being obstinate; they simply interact with the world in their unique way. It’s our responsibility to approach them with patience and tailored teaching methods. Her passion for this cause led her to relocate to Germany, where she joined the Knospe-Lerncenter team. Together, they support children and families of the US military, as well as the broader Wiesbaden community.

In 2013, Heavenleah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington. During the final two years of her undergraduate studies, she began her journey in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as a volunteer at the Northwest Autism Center. It was at the Bluegrass Center for Autism that she deeply immersed herself in the field, serving as a behavior technician.

Heavenleah furthered her education at the University of Cincinnati, where she pursued a master’s degree in education, focusing on the foundations of behavioral analysis. In February 2020, she achieved her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). As a BCBA, Heavenleah has had the privilege of working with a diverse age range of children and teenagers on the autism spectrum, primarily in Kentucky.

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