Haley Stewart



Haley’s interest in behavioral principles emerged in 2010 during her high school years while volunteering at an elementary school. There, she worked with students requiring additional reinforcement to succeed in school. Her interest developed into a passion in the fall of 2012 when she began her collegiate journey with courses in psychology and work at a clinic providing Applied Behavior Analysis to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She proceeded to complete her Master of Arts in Psychology in the summer of 2020, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis and passing the Behavior Analyst Certification Board exam in November of the same year.

As a BCBA, Haley has worked closely with the autism community. Her efforts have focused on assisting families in learning strategies applicable in various settings such as school, home, and community. She has supported children with autism in developing a wide range of skills, including communication, leisure, independence, and cooperation. Haley has also played a pivotal role in collaborating with funding sources to ensure accessible care, provided training for educators and administrators on positive behavior change, assisted in increasing inclusion in the school setting for students with disabilities, and actively volunteered at various events within the autism community.

Haley’s approach is marked by a strong passion for working alongside caregivers, funding sources, other therapists, and organizations. Her goal is to provide children with autism the opportunity to learn necessary skills in a manner enjoyable for the child, reflecting her commitment to enriching the lives of those she serves.

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