Herrengasse 8, 92249 Vilseck

Knospe-Lerncenter Vilseck uniquely expands therapeutic options for residents of northern Oberpfalz, including U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria (see also Knospe-Lerncenter Hohenfels).

Our spacious Lerncenter boasts large rooms accommodating both individual and group therapy, including equipped occupational therapy rooms, a full-sized kitchen, and multiple restrooms/bathrooms for building adaptive skills. 

For TRICARE beneficiaries, this location serves as the only in-network facility for ABA therapy in the Grafenwoehr area. Here, we also offer OT and SLP under one roof.

For German residents, this location also serves as one of only three ABA facilities serving the Oberpfalz  administrative district, along with our Hohenfels location.

Getting Here: Our Vilseck location is can be found off of town square, an 8- to 20-minute drive from Rose and Tower Barracks, respectively. When searching for our street address, your maps app may mislead you to the front of the building; if using Google Maps, instead search for Knospe-Lerncenter Vilseck. In the large parking lot on the right, you may park in our private driveway on the far end as well as in any free covered or uncovered spaces. If arriving by train, we are a 10-min walk from Vilseck Bahnhof.

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