Dr. Diane Fraser

 Ed.D., BCBA-D


As France’s first BCBA, Dr. Fraser has been a pioneering figure in the field, contributing significantly to the development and implementation of ABA methodologies internationally. 

Her journey in the field began in earnest as an Assistant Director at the School for Language and Communication Development in Bellmore, NY, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the practical applications of ABA. This role was a stepping stone that led her to academia, where she shared her knowledge and experience as an Assistant Professor at Saint John’s University in Jamaica, NY, and as an Adjunct Faculty member at CW POST Long Island University in Greenvale, NY.

In 2003, Dr. Fraser took on a pivotal role as the Director of Les Professionels d’ABA in Paris, France. Her leadership and vision over the years have been instrumental in shaping the organization’s approach to ABA therapy. In 2010, she co-founded the Association Française Les Professionnels d’ABA in Paris, further cementing her commitment to advancing the field in France.

Recently, Dr. Fraser has been focusing on expanding the reach of ABA therapy in Bulgaria. Under her guidance, five centers have been established, receiving approval from QABA for both the RBT and BCBA equivalent coursework, marking a significant achievement in the international development of ABA methodologies. Her involvement in the AFLPA project in France, which transitioned to ABA Online, reflects her adaptive leadership style and her ability to nurture projects to fruition. After a decade of dedicated service and leadership, she handed over this project, demonstrating her belief in the power of fresh perspectives and new leadership.

Throughout her career, Dr. Fraser has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the development and implementation of ABA methodologies, not just in her home country but also internationally, showcasing her as a true pioneer in the field.

Dr. Fraser has authored several key texts in the field, including her latest book Maquette Livra au Autistes, available in both French and English, and Like Other Kids Do: A Developmental Approach to Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with Children with Autism using the SIX Keys.

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