Constance Ky

 M.Sc. Ed., BCBA


Constance is a clinician with a deep commitment to fostering growth through education. Her professional path, illuminated by a passion for empowering those with disabilities, began with a Neuroscience degree from Trinity College, complemented by a Master’s in Education from Simmons College and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Regis College.

Her career, spanning various roles from a teaching assistant to a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, reflects her dedication to helping individuals with Autism develop their potential. The intersection of her educational background and her experience in diverse settings—including the New England Center for Children and public schools—has equipped her with the skills to create inclusive learning environments and advocate for the needs of her students.

In her current role, Constance applies her knowledge to design personalized curricula and behavior support plans, aiming to foster independence and self-advocacy in her students. Her goal for 2023 is clear: to guide children to not only become self-reliant but also to advocate for themselves and shape the world around them.

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