Beth Kuegeler Named Director of Speech Services

Bückeburg, Germany – June 1, 2024 – Beth Kuegeler joins us as our new Director of Speech Services, partially merging her esteemed practice with Knospe-Lerncenter. Beth Kuegeler brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Speech-Language Pathology, including in PROMPT therapy, significantly enhancing our capability to deliver exceptional speech therapy services.

Beth Kuegeler will lead our Speech Services department, overseeing the development and implementation of individualized treatment plans, as well as mentoring our team of speech therapists. Her commitment to excellence and innovative therapeutic techniques will greatly benefit our clients, enhancing their communication abilities and overall quality of life.

Beth Kuegeler’s TRICARE operations, based in the Greater Nuremberg area, is known for its high standards of care and innovative approaches. It will now partially operate under the Knospe-Lerncenter umbrella, ensuring a seamless transition for her clients and an expanded range of services for our community.

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