Benjamin Cicchillo



Hailing from Hershey, Pennsylvania, Ben’s professional journey with working with individuals with autism began working with adult clients in community homes as a direct support professional. His experiences there sparked an interest in working with the ASD population and a desire to help them lead the most fulfilling lives possible. This led to him enrolling into a master’s program for ABA at Saint Joseph’s University in 2018 as he began to pursue a BCBA. In January of 2020, he began working as an RBT with EBS Healthcare, working in the elementary schools of Coatesville Area School District to provide ABA services to clients with a variety of diagnoses. During his time there he completed his master’s. In May of 2022, Ben went to Helping Hands Family as a fellow, working as an RBT and completing the requirements to becoming a BCBA. In this role, he was able to gain experience working in the clinic setting.

In January of 2023, Ben achieved his certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). As a BCBA, he has had the privilege to work with clients on the autism spectrum in central Pennsylvania. He has predominantly worked with children aged 2-6 in the clinical, home, and preschool settings. His work with these clients has predominantly focused on communication skills, social skills, toileting, and adaptive living skills.

As a clinician, Ben places an emphasis on child-led interventions and trauma-informed care. He emphasizes a need to listen to the child and to understand their own unique way of communicating to determine what they are interested in at that moment and aligning his interventions with that motivation. It’s our duty as clinicians to meet the child where they are at and to help them with what they need using individualized interventions and empathy. It was this passion that led him to relocate to Germany, where he looks forward to working with Knospe-Lerncenter and to support the children and families of Vilseck.

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