Lara Vierling

ABA Therapist

Lara is a Master’s degree student in Psychology in Mainz…

Corie Mahan

ABA Therapist

Corie is an aspiring Board Certified Behavior Analyst currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Cincinnati…

Rylee Tuggle

Behavior Analyst

Rylee is a multitalented clinician, with roles including Clinical Director, Fulbright scholar, and children’s book author…

Kyle Wagner

Behavior Analyst

Kyle fell in love with the world of behavior analysis during his undergraduate studies at Utah State University when he volunteered at USU’s early intervention clinic…

New Clinic in Ramstein

Our Ramstein clinic extends comprehensive rehabilitation services to the largest U.S. military community outside of the US.

Kelsey Sundberg

Behavior Analyst

Born and raised in California, Kelsey always had a passion for education and supporting others reach their highest potential. Before finding her niche in Applied Behavior Analysis…

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