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Anne Langer

 M.Sc. Psych., BCBA

Clinical Director

Anne’s deep-seated fascination with autism and its transformative therapies culminated during her studies, where the empirical strength of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) left a lasting imprint on her. Tracing her academic journey, she earned her Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Frankfurt in 2016, delving into the nuances of child and adolescent mental health. Her coursework on Intervention Methods for Children with Autism-Spectrum-Disorder (ASD) introduced her to various interventions, with ABA standing out as the most efficacious and evidence-backed method for treating ASD.

This profound interest in autism steered her towards a formative role as a student research assistant, leading to three seminal studies exploring neurological patterns in young adults with ASD at the Institute of Medical Psychology in Frankfurt. Her master’s thesis also mirrored this dedication, focusing on Multisensory Integration in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Anne’s tenure as a research assistant enriched her with invaluable insights into the world of ASD. Beyond conducting cognitive tests and spearheading neuroscientific measurements, she fostered a nurturing environment for the 15 young adults with ASD she closely collaborated with. It was within these clinic walls that Anne realized her affinity for working with children on the spectrum and the profound therapeutic influence she could yield.

Joining Knospe-ABA in 2018 marked a pivotal chapter in her journey. Immersed in intensive ABA/VB consultant training, Anne traversed Germany, learning from consultants while working with over 40 children. Building on her theoretical foundation, Anne dedicated herself to rigorous ABA/VB literature reviews, training, and workshops.

Today, as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since July 2021, Anne offers her expertise to children with ASD as the director of our spacious Lerncenter in Wiesbaden, truly blending her academic rigor with her heartfelt passion for helping the ASD community.

Professional Activity

Chan, J., Langer, A., & Kaiser, J. (2016). Temporal integration of multisensory stimuli in autism spectrum disorder: A predictive coding perspective. Journal of Neural Transmission, 123, 917–923. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00702-016-1587-5/

Brodski Guerniero, A. Naumer, M., Moliadze, V., Chan, J., Althen, H., Ferreira-Santos, F., Schlitt, S., Kitzerow, J., Schütz, M., Langer, A., Kaiser, J., Freitag, C. M., Wibral, M. (2018). Predictable information in neural signals during resting state is reduced in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Human Brain Mapping, 39, 3227–3240. https://doi.org/10.1002/hbm.24072/

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