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We teach skills relevant today and tomorrow
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Social Skills for All Ages
Age and Developmentally Appropriate Social Groups
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Food Intervention
Multidisciplinary assessment and treatment to resolve problems from oral motor delays to overselectivity
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Play and Leisure Skills
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Challenging Behavior
Compassionate Intervention
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Our Relation to Knospe-ABA

Germany’s first ABA provider, Knospe-ABA has served more than 3,000 children since founding in 2004 by Nadine and Robert Schramm. Now, with Knospe-Lerncenter, we extend our offering to include new services, locations, and funding.

Which Is for Me?

Knospe-Lerncenter offers additional therapy options wherever we operate. Knospe-ABA continues to meet you with mobile therapy wherever you are located.
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What is Knospe?


  1. German for flowering bud, ready to bloom
  2. Germany’s first Applied Behavior Analysis provider, Knospe-ABA has served more than 3,000 children since founding in 2004 by Nadine and Robert Schramm, author of The Seven Steps to Earning Instructional Control. Now, with Knospe-Lerncenter, we expand our offering to include new services, new locations, and new funding options.

What is a Lerncenter?

  1. a cornerstone for comprehensive, evidence-based therapy in Germany
  2. an enriched and safe setting for developing new skills at any age
  3. a collaboration among experts in applied behavior analysis, speech and language pathology, and occupational therapy.

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From Minutes to Months: The Timeline of ABA Therapy

Explore the comprehensive timeline of ABA therapy in our latest blog post. From understanding session lengths to yearly commitments, we delve into what families and individuals can expect in terms of time investment in ABA therapy. Discover how therapy hours are structured, why flexibility matters, and insights into scheduling for success. This guide offers valuable information for anyone navigating the journey of ABA therapy.

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German Laws Aligned with ABA Therapy

Germany is known for its unwavering commitment to fundamental human rights. The Basic Law stands as the pillar upholding its commitment. It assures basic rights such as the right to personal freedom (Article 2) and equality (Article 3). These rights are crucial for individuals to achieve independence and actively participate in society.

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